The latest researches on quantum fields reveal a completely new understanding of nature – with new opportunities and possibilities. In its essence, the understanding of nature is simple: The universe is an integrated, coherent unity. Everything is constantly connected.

The same holistic principle can be observed on a small scale, for example with atoms or cells, as well as universally with solar systems or galaxies. Each organization unit represents an integrated wholeness.

We, as human beings, are also an integrated coherent unit, and we are in constant relation with everything as well. The various aspects of our being like emotions, thoughts, intuition, have their reflections on different levels; though all these levels have an influence on each other and together they represent an integrated wholeness.

Our multidimensional wholeness can be seen as a colorful energetic field (aura) by sensitive people. This is an indication to the fact that we are far more than what we perceive by our 5 senses.

Thus the wholeness of all of our levels of being gives us the bigger picture of our true entity. We can even postulate: When we consciously unlock and integrate all of our levels of being, we can find an important key to understand ourselves, our lives. Each dimension has its very own contribution, its specific resources and qualities to add to the wellbeing of the whole entity.